Locked Gate

Today was the First Wednesday outing. So there are various gates that are locked on the grasslands for various reasons. However today we were going to see a special plant and had permission to get closer.

And this particular spot for the special plant is behind a locked gate. So it is ok to walk to the spot, but not drive vehicles. So today was a special First Wednesday!

The Shooting Stars (Primula meadia) were blooming. And they are awesome this year! Furthermore, this special plant was Shirley’s favorite. The plant is the plant featured on the Flora of North Central Texas too!
Additionally some of the Forest Service staff joined us! Jeff Stoney (District Ranger) and Reese Sewell (District Staff Officer for Range, Wildlife and Ecosystem Planning) got a closer look at the Shooting Star.

Off we go to look for the treasures!

Belly and butt botany! Part of the group went to the top of the hill.
Mike found a bark scorpion under a rock!

A centipede too! Centipedes have only one pair of legs on each segment, while millipedes have two pairs of legs per segment.

Under several different rocks I found this beautiful orange egg case. Claire suggested it might be a spider’s egg.

We ended up with a happy group shot!

Indeed what a wonderful day! Moreover the LBJ/Caddo Forest Service staff deserve a big ole thank you for a job well done for caring for our beautiful treasure!

Just saw this article April 8 solar eclipse maps are wrong along the edges. Make sure you look at the path if you were planning to watch the eclipse near the edge of the path. A refined measurement of the sun has made with that earlier sun measurement wrong. But not by much. With five days left don’t miss it by being in the wrong place. Of course we are hoping the clouds don’t interfere either. Fingers crossed!

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Keep looking!

The more you know, the more you see and the more you see, the more you know


  1. It was a wonderful morning! I love Firat Wednesdays! Thanks as always, Mary. Great to see Claire too!

      1. Yeah sorry you missed it. Jeanne was going to see the Downy Paintbrush and Claire needed to see too So I offered to take the lunch-ers to them.

  2. The shooting stars are my favorite. Glad you got to see them and the other flowers and insects. Hope to be joining the group in June.

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