A Bit of Fun

For sure we always have fun on our outings!

A new Rusty Blackhaw (Viburnum rufidulum) leaf!
The creek was still dry even after the rain occurred a few days before. In some places the soil was damp, but no mud to navigate.
Last year’s exuvia laid on the leaf litter.
A Redbud’s petal stood out against the mosses.
Carefully looking for chimney bee holes, all that we found were the dripping mud evidence.
Indeed this fungus was speaking to us. LOL.

A creature comes out the creek bed. Yikes!

Emerging from the hole in the rock! What a cool rock!

Ok we really have more than a bit of fun. It is a whole heap of fun on our outings!

Bats of the Midnight Sun

A ‘new star’ from a nova outburst is expected soon

Earth’s Oldest Fossilized Forest Has Been Hiding Its Bizarre Trees For 390 Million Years

Keep looking!

The more you know, the more you see and the more you see, the more you know


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