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A few days ago Jeanne and I went back to Wylie’s north of St. Jo. The goal was to collect mosses. Last time and our first time there it was cold and damp and no mosses were collected. Wylie had given us a quick overview of the terrain that day. Moreover the overview gave Jeanne an idea of where she wanted to start. However it will take many trips to cover the area. Poor us, eh. LOL.

As soon as we got our gear on, Jeanne started collecting. We were twenty feet from the car. 🙂 A tree had been cut down. And I admired the lichens and fungi on it. Fallen trees are a good source.
The vultures were attending a wake. There was a dead cow that we later learned from Wylie had been put down. A wake of vultures is a group feeding. A committee of vultures is when they are sitting in a tree or wherever. And down the hill we went quickly to get away from the stench.
A Ground Plum (Astragalus crassicarpus) was nestled in the grass!

Here was a cool plant, the Blue Funnel-lily (Androstephium coeruleum or other spelling A. caeruleum)!
A feet further were a very nice patch of them!
Colors ranged from the purple to white!
The Funnel Lily is only a few inches tall. And if you find one get down on your knees to smell its lovely vanilla scent!

Indeed we were off to a good start at Wylie’s! Indeed this is a very special place! Thanks so much to Wylie for letting us come.

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Scientists create glowing plants that light up homes and gardens like fireflies Thanks Judy!

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Keep looking!

The more you know, the more you see and the more you see, the more you know


  1. Im keeping that picture of the log with lichens and fungi. Its wonderful. And love the article about bumble bees.

  2. And cut trees are easier to collect from right!
    Speaking of fragrant flowers, our Rayless Gaillardias are blooming and oh they smell nice, if you get down on your knees. Vanilla like also.

  3. FUNNEL LILIES! Almost as exciting to me as TROUT LILIES! Maybe my middle name should have been Lily instead of Marie LOL.

      1. You won’t believe this. Suzanne is derived from the Hebrew word “shoshanna” which translates to…lily. I am not kidding! 🤩

        1. Well that is crazy. It was in your DNA from the start. And ok it a good thing your parents didn’t make your middle name Lily or you would be Lily Lily. 😉

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