Wylie’s Creek

Growing up Wylie and his siblings did much exploring in the creek. Well, what kid wouldn’t, eh. Wylie said the actual name of the creek was Mountain Creek.

The roots draped over the bank.
As we went around the bend a magnificent sand wall appeared!
The weathering was beautiful with small roots and mud drips!

It must have been a 30 foot tall wall!
Layers of gravel were exposed in the bank.

Definitely a horse! 🙂
The woods were crazy thick with Chinkapin oaks!

The Dichanthelium grass seemed to be glowing!

Traces of the Smaller Sand Cricket (Ellipes minuta) tunnels were etched in the wall. The cricket is only about 4-5 mm. It will make these tunnels along the water’s edge in sandy areas. The creek was dry that day, but Wylie said many times you can find water there.

Jeanne and Wylie had meant to collect mosses, but it was so damp and cold, they opted to come back another day.

Of course we wanted all want to go back! Thanks Wylie!

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Keep looking!

The more you know, the more you see and the more you see, the more you know


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