Under a Rock

On Friday (Feb. 16th), besides just the opportunity to be outside, I did have a mission. Would a certain plant be blooming yet? Sometimes it will at this time of year and yes sometimes not. However before we got to that spot the water required close examination. Well of course right. LOL.

The recent rains had made sure the seep above was running. Additionally a new little water fall had been created since the last time I had visited this spot.

There were fewer tadpole snails in this seep. The water at this place dries up quicker unlike over at the Dixon Water Foundation I showed you in a different post.

Here was something different, a golden brown slimy stuff. It was pretty even if we didn’t know exactly what it was.

Close up the slimy stuff.

A water scavenger beetle (Hydrophilidae) was also in the mix of creatures. I love to see their air bubble! Then at the end a little flatworm swam by.

Turning over a rock these larvae had been hiding. They had fairly long segmented antennas and equally long tails at the rear end.

So you never know what will be hiding at the creek under a rock.

Tomorrow you will see the plant I hope to find blooming.

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Keep looking!

The more you know, the more you see and the more you see, the more you know


  1. Almost started tapping my own toes with the dart frogs – very entertaining. And the snowflakes – wow. Interesting that plants and people both use calcium ions for communicating.
    All this may keep my head spinning all night 😉

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