Blurry Eyed

After a day at the computer I was blurry eyed.

A squirrel was at the feeder chowing down.
Before I got started at the computer today, I paused to watch the goldfinches out the window. One started the show.
Then there were two.


Hmmm, should I join the crowd?
Then they started to fly away. And then there were none. I guessed I better get on with my work.
Well, I wasn’t the only one looking out the window today. Christy was working on her taxes too when she noticed what was going on outside.
The Cedar Waxwings! Such beautiful birds with black masks with muted lemon, gray and brown feathers. Waxwings will eat berries and buds. In fact it specializes in fruit. The seeds pass through unlike some birds which will regurgitate the seeds. Sometimes berries are fermented so they get drunk. Not pretty. Another interesting fact is: “It can survive on fruit alone for several months. Brown-headed Cowbirds that are raised in Cedar Waxwing nests typically don’t survive, in part because the cowbird chicks can’t develop on such a high-fruit diet.”

So I got my taxes done. So I was certainly blurry eyed by the end of the day. I hope Christy got her taxes done?? Thanks Christy, for sharing your waxwing photos and video!

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Keep looking!

The more you know, the more you see and the more you see, the more you know


  1. Glad to see the waxwings. This is about the time they show up at our house but none so far. Also very few berries here this year. Not sure why. Maybe last summer got them.

  2. So nice to see those waxwings. We rarely get them down here.
    No American Goldfinches this year nor Pine Siskins. I haven’t seen a siskin for 2 years now. Before that was when they had a disease going around. We had tons of them and I did find some dead ones.
    My Lessers and the Chipping & White Crowned Sparrows are still plentiful down here.
    I heard a bluebird yesterday. First time in years.

  3. Congrats on getting taxes done – always leaves me blurry eyed too.
    Hope to see warnings here again soon – such elegant birds.

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