We hit Bottom

Yes, we had hit bottom. 😉 So we were literally down at the creek level in the ravine.

The crystal clear creek was running nicely. However we were able navigate the creek without getting our feet wet.
Watching for fossils in the limestone, a mussel fossil caught my eye. Tilting my head, I see a porcupine creature. 😉
A few ammonite fossils too!

The reflections of the canopy and silvery Chinkapin oak leaves laid quietly in the stream.
Polygyridae snail shells were scattered along the bank.
This tree was not getting away. The grapevine snared it. LOL.

What do you think, did the root not want to get a wet foot? Certainly looked that way to me. Ha ha!

Time for another collection!

Moss number 383 glowed!

It was time to start back up.

Bizarre Prehistoric Predator Fish Breathed Air, Had Fangs And Four ‘Limbs

Keep looking!

The more you know, the more you see and the more you see, the more you know


  1. You have the greatest sense of humor ever. That root surely was trying to get away. Thats a picture perfect creek.

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