Now on the Edge

We were still on top but had moved to a brushy area. The habitat at the edge had more fallen trees.

The silvery colored moss is Bryum argenteum. However Bryum argenteum may have changed to Bryum lanatum now. Thanks Jeanne!

Whichever name, here’s a closeup!

Beautiful browns on a piece of decaying wood. Up close I thought it looked like it had caterpillar prolegs. 😉

A mound of moss!

A small orange jelly fungi (Dacrymycetes order) is usually found on decaying wood like this fallen log. They really do stand out, eh!

Jeanne collected several mosses on this outing. After getting this one home she keyed it to Ptychostomum creberrium.

A snag had standout colors!
We were at the edge of the barren for a great view!

Tomorrow’s post will be just below the top edge.

How NASA Got Involved With Parachuting Beavers Thanks Judy!

How DNA from the Dead Is Helping Boost Species on the Brink

Keep looking!

The more you know, the more you see and the more you see, the more you know


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