Winter Browns

Yep it seems cold today and yesterday too. Maybe because of the clouds and dampness in the air? However it was not too bad. In fact Jeanne and I went to the grasslands yesterday. Still working on those photos so that will wait until tomorrow.

Were they playing rock, paper, and scissors? It was the perfect cool day to stop at the Red Harvester Ant (Pogonomyrmex barbatus) mound. They were slow. Certainly I have that in common with them. 😉

Afterwards this worker needed to fresh up!

The Loggerhead Shrike was caching its snacks. See anything missing? Apparently the hind legs were really yummy.

Winter colors! The Argiope spider cocoon.
On another wild plum this one swung in the breeze!
The Shrike was saving these juicy legs for later. Interesting there were not as many insects on the fence today. A few days ago I had counted five.

Hidden in plain sight, the Carolina praying mantis’ (Stagmomantis carolina) ootheca!

A puffball blended in with the fallen leaves.
Did the bunny get away?

Back at the house I checked for UV glow. The longer strands of hairs were from a deer.

A Plant That Flowers Underground Is New to Science, but Not to Borneo

A Record-Sized Deep Sea Coral Reef Was Mapped in The Atlantic, And It’s Breathtaking

Inside the Crime Rings Trafficking Sand

Keep looking!

The more you know, the more you see and the more you see, the more you know


  1. The winter browns were always a colorful relief coming back home from northern winter!
    Sand mining article really interesting and sad. I didn’t think about that before. Thanks!

  2. Harvester ants. My favorite. And the sand mining is unbelievable. More than sad it’s infuriating. I had never heard of it before either. What’s next?

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