It was Sunny on Jan. 18th

Did you get some ice last night? We only got a smidgen on the plants. When I had walked under our pines I got sprinkled with bits of ice that had fallen off the needles.

Now back to sunny Jan. 18th!

Jeanne examined the moss on a big Bois D’arc!
A warning.
Many times we find that the hunters use this type of pegs to climb to their blinds up in the trees.

Jeanne gave it a test. However that was as far as she went up the tree.
Deer blind #4 would have been an easy climb. Neither us climbed it.
An old fence post had the beautiful neon green Chrysothrix lichen! Indeed it looks like it was spray painted. This lichen does not have fruiting bodies (apothecia) in North America. It is made up of soredia which is fungal filaments with an algae component in little bundles. So this is a form of asexual reproduction.

We reached the creek!
Breaking the ice, I found there was air space between the top layer and the water level layer.
Like shards of glass, ice had fallen off the twigs above on the creek ice.
Indeed lots of pretty forms in the ice.

The water was flowing under the ice.

Thus I will leave you at the sunny creek. πŸ™‚

Indeed the male cardinal thought mating season was here.
In fact his hormones were in full attack mode today! Stay warm!

January Trinity Forks Business Meeting & Program – Garden Design Principles Using Native Prairie Plants So don’t miss this program if you plant natives. Diboll and Cox’s book, The Gardener’s Guide to Prairie Plants is excellent!

Desert Paradox: Dry Regions Defy Climate Change Moisture Predictions

Sperm Whales Live in Huge, Distinct Clans Spread Across The Ocean

Keep looking!

The more you know, the more you see and the more you see, the more you know


  1. Yes, very nice ice – good observation about the twig ice falling into the creek ice.
    From the wj-hale article – herding sperm whales would definitely be a challenge!

    1. Definitely a standout! Hope you don’t get too much rain. We are still low on rain. In 2023 at our house the total was only 25.5”. Average should be about 10 inches more. Others near by did get more. Like I bet at your parents?

  2. Love the flowing water video.
    Aren’t the deer stands left in the trees after the season against the Forest Service rules? And are they allowed to screw things into the trees possibly doing damage? Injury like this encourages borers and disease. Really bugs me.

  3. Yes and yes. Deer stand are only allowed for 72 hours. And the metal pegs are definitely not allowed. The Forest Service will take them down if they find them. Yeah I hate to see it too. And the metal pegs have really spiked up in use. It use to be they used nails. Grrrrrr !!

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