Jan 4th

A few days ago I was out exploring. Well duh of course I was. So I wanted to explore an area where I had not walked before. Of course Jeanne was in!

Even though there had been a tiny bit of fog, the sky looked good for a nice start. However Jeanne and I did not start that early. No need to hurry. Plus it would be little bit warmer at 10am.

A good sign that the fungi was going to be good!

Checking for creatures I found none. But you never know. 😉

We looked for clues to the species of a tree. So we found the winged seed of a Box Elder. The Box Elder is often confused with poison ivy with similar compound leaflet. Poison ivy leaves are arranged alternately along the vine and Box Elder leaves have an opposite arrangement.
These were the only Wood’s Ear (Auricularia) we found and it was on a Box Elder.

Whoa what a stack! Additionally it was big! I sorta leaned to these being dying Jack-O-Lantern (Omphalotus) mushrooms.

I took a look under the hood. 😉 I had already noticed bits of white things on top. However until I looked under at the gills, it didn’t dawn on me the white bits were alive! See the little one almost dead center?

Interesting creature with ocelli (simple eyes) arrangement.

It was as cute as bug in rug with its little “horns”. I have no clue as to what family it belongs but not a caterpillar. But it had a lot of siblings.

A small stack was on the other side of the tree. This cluster had no creatures.

Nearby on another log were more fungi. Indeed the area was target rich.
So this one was not as far gone.

More species of fungi! However the orange ones had shriveled. Of course I always love the shelf fungi!

Lots of good fungi and creature inhabitants! Definitely need to go back next year. And perhaps I will see the glow of the Jack-O-Lanterns!

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Keep looking!

The more you know, the more you see and the more you see, the more you know


  1. Too bad about the straws but I don’t use them anyway. And barn owls are gorgeous. Nice fungi and cute critter.

  2. Oh wow, I’m bummed that paper straws aren’t eco-friendly after all. I’ve been using them at home on occasion though I usually opt to go without. Guess I won’t buy anymore.

    1. Time to use stainless steel instead, eh. I have ordered mine. 🙂 So now I will just need to remember to take with me when I order that chocolate shake.

      1. Can you send me which straws you got? I won’t be getting any more bamboo ones now either. We like the “boba tea/smoothie” big size ones for drinking our Braum’s milkshakes (especially when I get German chocolate with chunks or one with candies added in).

        1. I brought ESSBES Reusable Metal Boba Smoothies Drinking Straws 0.5” Extra Wide for Bubble Tea Milkshakes Jumbo Drinks 7 PCS. Will work perfect for our Mooyah shakes.

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