Second Half

This was the second half of the First Wednesday outing. Interesting how different things stuck out to me even though I had been there twice the week before with Briar. Some things I had missed the first two times. And that is why walking the same trail can always be interesting.

These tiny beauties were spotted by Jeanne on a tree.
An orange fungus.
Indeed the above fungus was very tiny as you can see by the cedar leaves.
Thalloid liverwort was found too.

The damp weather had brought out the dark colors of the insect tunnels.

Small mushroom!
These puffballs had a lot more puff in fact than the previous week.

Yes, and here was the proof. We suspected mice. Great find by Jeanne.
Dinosaur ribs? I wished but just the ripples in the creek bed.
This fungi had a hint of gray in its color.
Wavy gills!
So this polypore wasn’t going to let the greenbriar stop it.
Up and out of the creek bed with no ducking under the branches. However it was a bit slick from the rain the night before.

Susan and Jerry choose a different path up.

It was a great day! Thank you nature nerds for sharing it with me!

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Keep looking!

The more you know, the more you see and the more you see, the more you know


  1. I found similar animal droppings in our mesquite that broke. Have planned to send you pics but haven’t gotten to it yet. But mine seem too large to be mice. And we have never seen rats around here or seen any other evidence of them, just mice and a vole.

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