First Wednesday on Monday

On the First Wednesday outing for December I had to postpone it because of jury duty. Turned out I was not picked. However I changed the First Wednesday to Monday just in case. And it turned out to be a most beautiful day at the grasslands for the eleven of us.

As we headed down the horse trail on the bank, mushrooms!
Indeed several clusters were along the bank!
Taking a side ravine off the main trail these red setae caught Jeanne’s eye!
The Coral Tooth Fungi (Hericium coralloides or Hericium americanum) were featured in the Dec 4th post Decomposers. This was all that was left.
Today nearby was one more. The decomposing was not so far along. So I thought it looked like toasted coconut.
The Jack O’Lantern (Omphalotus) was also drying up from what I had seen a week or so ago. At first I thought it was totally a goner. However I re-found it at the top of bank. My guess is that an animal somehow dragged it up. Why? Good question and a mystery. LOL
Several folks took a photos of the Jack O’Lantern mushroom. Alan (Shirley’s son) seen in the background came today. It was special to me. So I could present him with the new edition. Alan had given me a couple of his photos which were included on the back cover and on the inside dedication page. Thank you Alan!

The North Central Texas Wildflowers: Second Edition is now on sale on Amazon. And best of all Amazon decided to discount the price! I do not know how long this discount will last.

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“There’s Nothing Like Them” – Bizarre New Fossils Offer Glimpse Into Earth’s Ancient Oceans

Keep looking!

The more you know, the more you see and the more you see, the more you know


  1. Certainly a very good day to be out and especially to see all. Glad most made it to greenwood too.
    Cool looking fossils – reminds one that taking a second and third+ look is important.

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