As I proceeded along I found multiple stages of the Shaggy Mane or Inky Cap Mushrooms (Coprinus comatus). This was one of the species featured in yesterday’s post. These mushrooms can be found on disturbed ground which includes the side of roads and creek banks.

When young they can be oval to this cylinder shape.
Further along they will expand into a bell shape.

This was the view from under the cap of the top one in the photo above.
The gills are free from the stem and start out as white gills. As they age the gills turn pinkish and then finally black.
The all black gills.
The top of a cap that had turned all black.

Final photo of a pair that had almost melted down.

The is one of my go-to places for information on mushrooms like I did here today. Thank you Mushroom Expert!

Tomorrow’s post will be about a plant that surprisingly was still blooming.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. Love the article on hunter gatherers. I’ve wondered if perhaps they left one woman to baby sit kids while others went hunting. Other animals do this. Glad to see the change in attitude.

  2. Cool photo life history of the ikoes – what a change over time.
    The article about carbon capture in national land is very concerning – what about all the area that would be destroyed building miles and miles of pipeline?!?!?! Hope the proposal goes nowhere.

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