Pedal to the Metal

Our next stop was at Rhodes Lake. It also is a popular lake for duck hunters. The lake has many kinds of creatures in addition to water birds. For example, we heard the rattle call of the Belted Kingfisher across the lake.

An overview of the Rhodes Lake. Like all of the grassland ponds and lakes it is low. And just like at Windmill Lake the duck hunters had some success earlier that morning. All that was left on the lake were the decoys. In fact you might be able to see the decoys on the left side of the lake.
The Salt Marsh Moth (Estigmene acrea) was my first creature at Rhodes Lake. It has beautiful black hairs (setae) on top with auburn side hairs. This species color ranges from these dark colors to blonde. The genus Estigmene belongs in the Tiger Mothe (Arctiini) tribe. Arctia comes from Greek meaning “bear”. So it is said they resembled a bear. The rear has longer and more hairs which in this case is on the right. FYI, the Salt Marsh cats can be found in salt marshes too.

Another Tiger Moth cat facing down. It probably is another Salt Marsh Moth cat, but I have never seen one so sparsely hairy. However it does have the warts at each of the setae location. But with my uncertainty I will just go with a Tiger Moth.

Many of the cats were found on the Marsh Fleabane. I mean we were seeing a lot of them along the shore. We had to watch our step.

My shadow certainly kept the twisted log from rolling away. LOL

A beaver lodge had been left high and dry.
The tunnels were now exposed. Looks like an arrow pointing to the water straight ahead!. ๐Ÿ˜‰
Not all had caved in.

So maybe the trapped minnows had entertainment going under the tunnel?

Hmmm, I hope I didn’t scare the frass out of it.

Pedal to the metal! So did this one hear about the other’s frightful episode? ๐Ÿ˜‰ Nah. In fact this cat is known for its speed.

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Keep looking!

The more you know, the more you see and the more you see, the more you know


  1. I think those are the cats i played with as a child. They really can scoot along. Sad about the lakes being so low. Poor beavers.

  2. Salt Marsh cats are everywhere! I see them on a variety of plants but many are nightshades. I really have to watch where I step. Whenever I hear someone start to ask about a caterpillar right now my first question is does it crawl fast.
    Very creative with your shadow and the log!

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