I love sunrise here at the Pollinator Ranch! Each morning brings something new. Just like a snowflake no two are the same. And the kid in me love the different faces of the clouds.

Looking back towards our house to the southwest, the mysterious ways of the invisible air currents pushed the clouds. I see a big angry mouth ready to gobble something.
To the east the sun had not rose above the horizon yet.
Back to the west again it had changed again. Gone was the angry mouth creature. Now I could see the profile of person speaking to me.
Now in just a minute’s time the clouds had shape-shifted again. A new profile!
In the east the sun was about to rise above the horizon and clouds.
And the buck stopped here. LOL. Back at the house sitting down for breakfast and tea, the deer ambled by. Two does had gone ahead of the buck and one was behind.

So this is where I stop today. Tomorrow I will share my day with the Master Naturalists that I had tagged along with them on their project to the grasslands. We went to multiple places so you know we saw some great things. 😉

This Desert Plant’s Salty ‘Sweat’ Can Collect Water From the Air

Zooplanktons are creating 366,000 dangerous nanoplastics per day

Keep looking!

The more you know, the more you see and the more you see, the more you know

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  1. OMG Mary. Those pics are fantastic. I love the clouds but my fav is the last one of sun catching the colors of the grass is perfect.

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