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So I will start off with last night’s bat survey. Then concluding at Hart’s Creek.

Starting last night at dusk.
While waiting I took the opportunity to walk along the shore. The Marsh Fleabane (Pluchea odorata) caught my eye.

The Spiny-aster (Chloracantha spinosa) and Bitterweed (Helenium) was nature’s bouquet! So three species of bats were recorded last night. Furthermore the bat season seems to be slowing down.

Now switching to today, back at home.

Indeed the girl (Garden Spider Banana Spider – Argiope aurantia) really could have chosen a better location in our opinion. It was on the opening of the garage door. We managed to not tear her web too much.

Moving on again.

Horseherb (Calyptocarpus vialis) covered a bit of the understory at Hart’s Creek. It takes the abuse of mowing.
If you happen to be in downtown Greenwood, don’t forget to walk over to Hart’s Creek! The water has always flowed.

The water is crystal clear. You will almost certainly find little fishies!

I suspected this was a larva of a dragonfly or damselfly. The Jewelwings, American Rubyspot and Ebony Jewelwing are two species that can be seen sometimes. However, none for me today.
Here is a cool plant, the Strawberry Bush (Euonymus atropurpureus)! The other common name is Wahoo which is pretty cute! FNTC lists two varieties.
The Wahoo’s fruit will turn a strawberry red. The fruit is poisonous to humans, but birds like it. Additionally it was used “medicinally in both the United States and southeastern Canada. The powdered bark was used by American Indians and pioneers as a purgative.”

And this is that for today!

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Keep looking!

The more you know, the more you see and the more you see, the more you know


  1. One of our Argiope girls did the same against the barn door. both have now laid 2 egg cases.
    I love those strawberry bush euonymuses! I can only grow it down here in the corral that gets irrigation.
    Harts Creek is a miracle creek. Not many that continue to flow through 2 years of drought. How are the pipevines down there?

  2. You’re right about Harts creek Kathy. As pretty as any I’ve seen. Nice that you heard three bat species Mary.

  3. Kathy, I have not been able to find a seed pod on the park side of the creek. But I saw a few earlier on the opposite side early in the season. I did not really look today🤷🏻‍♀️

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