Six minutes

I didn’t take my umbrella on the afternoon walk even though I heard it rumbling. I thought it might help bring some rain. 🤞🏼

Don’t worry I didn’t wash away. LOL
Six minutes later I was dry. So not taking the umbrella charm sorta worked. LOL At 5pm we were so close to a storm. However all we got was a big wind (46mph) and a few more dead pine trees blown over. Not a drop of rain. 🙁

Jeanne got this beautiful shot of a Rain Lily (Zephyranthes chlorosolen). She said she only had one. Judy however had a bunch at her house on Sunday. Goodness I am envious of you both. 🙂
The Greeneyes (Berlandiera betonicifolia) perennials that keeps on blooming the whole summer. Even with no rain!

Indeed these are some tough plants. So the side of the driveway was mowed in July and still they popped back up!
Back of its leaf. Not a lot of critters munch down on it, but the bees, birds and other insects can often be found on it.

Why were the Ringed Paper Wasps (Polistes annularis), Green June Beetle (Cotinis nitida), and the flies swarming the spot?

Finally they moved enough to see the white stuff. Hard to say what the white stuff was. Perhaps a white jelly fungus or sap. Jeanne said she was not going to disturb them to find out. Who can blame her? Just an FYI: male Polistes have curled antennae and they don’t sting. Only females have the ovipositor that can sting you. The one on the bottom right looks like a male, but not sure if curled enough. I wouldn’t test it. LOL

Thanks Jeanne for sharing your wasps and lily!

A very short rainbow at 6:30pm for our after supper walk.

35 times more species going extinct than a million years ago

Keep looking!

The more you know, the more you see and the more you see, the more you know


  1. Another award winning photo – that greeneyes. Beautiful angle!! So why did mine die back to the ground?
    We have hundreds and hundreds of Zeph. chlorosolens right now. Heaviest I have ever seen them bloom. Maybe making up for barely blooming last fall.
    So sorry to hear of your dead pines and falling in the wind. Speaking of wind, our weather station just doesn’t seem accurate when it comes to wind speed. Everything else we love about it. But we see the wind but the mph showing on the receiver is nothing compared to what we see. Any ideas? Do we need to oil a part so it can spin better?
    Oh and anyone who does Facebook, I posted yesterday and today with our house building. Look for Kathy Sauciertx

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