Closer look

So have y’all looked at the blue supermoon? I did the last few days.

My orangey blue supermoon shot! Check out the link near the bottom of the post to see some really good and creative photos of the moon.
It was a bit slippery. 😉
But I tried this morning to taste it. It was just like bleu cheese. It was a blue moon after all.

Continuing on at the barrens from Monday (28th).

The wispy and often overlooked Pasture Heliotrope (Heliotropium tenellum) is a plant that favors the barrens. The tiny flowers will measure only about 3/16 inch across with a yellow eye. Tiny bees are what I have observed on them.

The Red Seed Plantain (Plantago rhuodosperma) was scattered on the hillside. The leaves were long gone.

Jeanne looked for seeds. Ahh some still had them!

The seeds were reddish which would key to the Red Seed Plantain (Plantago rhuodosperma). The seeds have a semi-transparent wing!

The whitish coma (i.e. fluff) really makes the Wavy Thistle (Cirsium undulatum) stand out in the barrens.
Checking for viable seeds. Only a few seemed to have produced any on this seed head.

However on another nearby plant, this one had been more successful!

A closeup of the fluff.

It is always fun to look close!

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Want to see 2023’s brightest supermoon? Photos here

Keep looking!

The more you know, the more you see and the more you see, the more you know


  1. Maybe you should have been a comedian Mary. I always thought the moon would taste like cheddar cheese but bleu cheese is good too. Great pics of you and the blue moon.

  2. I was thinking that it would taste more like Pepper Jack cheese – yum! It was pretty spectacular sight here too.

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