A Little Green

Today was a drive-about day for me. I will tell you great treasures were found. 🙂 But you will have to wait until I process the photos.

So here are two little green treasures I found yesterday.

Leucodon julaceus, a pleurocarp moss. Don’t you love that name! A pleurocarp moss is one that generally lies flat and is branched. The sporophytes (reproduction part) are on the branches and stems. This one does not have any sporophytes right now. A bit dry for it. Winter (sounds great doesn’t it) is a great to go hunting for mosses. After a rain (if you can remember what rain is 😉 also a great time to hunt them when they are at their full potential and green! A website called Ohio Plants.org has a great page on the variation in mosses.

The shiny underside and the green elytra had caught by eye as I took my walk. Perhaps a Caterpillar hunter (Calosoma scrutator) since the elytra has ridges. However I will just say it was a beetle (Coleoptera)! LOL Additionally I will add someone had a meal. 🙂

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Keep looking!

The more you know, the more you see and the more you see, the more you know


  1. 2 posts before this there was a photo of 2 chickadees looking at squirrel tail in their water. Did anyone notice the neat bird behind the chickadees? I believe it is a female Orchard Oriole. I have been seeing them often in the past couple weeks.

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