Monday Nature Fix

Is it Mondays or was it Suzanne that brought in the cooler weather for my recent outings? I certainly will go for either one. 🙂 Regardless Suzanne, Jeanne and I headed towards Cooke to get our nature fix.

Still in Wise County we made our first stop at a favorite low water crossing. This particular crossing used to be on the bare limestone bedrock. Recently (last five years) the county installed culverts over the road. I preferred the bedrock. LOL

A pretty Tiger Swallowtail held still just long enough. It was puddling. Both male and female butterflies do this. However the males are more commonly known for this behavior. When he mates he will pass on the vital minerals to a female. The Kaufman field guide says that females have more blue on the hind wings. I am definitely not certain about which this one was.

Clammyweed (Polanisia dodecandra)! Time to continue on to Cooke County.
Off the main paved roads a lone coyote rested in the shade. Indeed you don’t see that often!

The last time Jeanne and I were by here the gate was unlocked.

Only one headstone was near the fence. Ahh too bad because cemeteries are always interesting. And not only for the graves but sometimes interesting plants and other critters can be found in them.

More tomorrow from Cooke County!

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Keep looking!

The more you know, the more you see and the more you see, the more you know


  1. Sad that they paved over the bedrock road. I love those. There is a place near Glen Rose over the Paluxy that is bedrock. Actually Mary you should remember this spot. When you were presenting your book at the symposium, we drove out to this spot and observed nature. I collected a rush species in the creek below the road. And showed you were people come and sit with their chairs in the water.
    Your spot there still looks pretty and inviting.

    1. I remember that spot! It was special. Certainly not many of bedrock roads anymore as they continue to pave them over 🙁 I hope the spot still has some water. It is getting harder to find running water in the creeks here.

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