Dark sky

I am still blown away that there are so many bat species here in Wise County. So my bat surveying continues.

On the 10th we arrived at the lake to calm waters. And of course it still was plenty hot. 😉

At the boat ramp on Cottonwood Lake there is a Buttonbush (Cephalanthus occidentalis) or two. While it was still light the butterflies and bumble bees grabbed their last meals of the day. These were Sachems.
Off to the west a slow moving storm approached. And I mean slow. It was a welcomed relief from the sun. But still no bats recorded.

Finally the thunder was overhead. Indeed that was our cue to pack it in for the night.

Hold on! I spotted a bat as we made our way to the top. Whipping out the bat recorder we got four species while safely in the truck in fifteen minutes. Indeed that was lucky because none were recorded at the boat ramp earlier.

We only got a drop of rain. However it sure was pretty!

Last night we went again. Since we didn’t record any bats the last time before the sun had set we went later. Ahhh, much more pleasant even though it still was 100F.
A couple owls hooted and the herons squawked.

In addition to recording six species of bats the sky was clear and we could see the Milkway! Awesome!

Luna moths use their tails solely for bat evasion

Scientists race to save rare Chittenango Ovate snails from extinction 

Scientists Discover Tiny “Ice Mouse” That Survived the Arctic Cold in the Age of Dinosaurs

Keep looking!

The more you know, the more you see and the more you see, the more you know


  1. Tell me more how you identified those bats! Last night I stood over our house foundation and watched 2 bats for a long time. I am just in awe of bats and how they move. I could watch them forever but it gets dark. But how on earth do I identify them? I am assuming they are Mexican Free-tails. We have many caves and tunnels around here.

  2. I’m still surprised there are so many species of bats here. I didnt know you could see the Milky Way anywhere around here. Cool.

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