Once again the rain went north of us last night.

Kathy got a shot of a Yellow-billed Cuckoo. It is also known as the Rain Crow. The myth says when you hear one it will rain soon. Well I guess it is somewhere in the world just not at my house or Kathy’s house. Kathy said “They seemed to be feeding on something so I am guessing some cats were up there in the leaves. So amazing to get a pair of them at the same time up so close.”

The juvie or first year male Painting Bunting hunting. Kathy did you see it catch something?

A juvie male Cardinal was looking mighty funny sporting his mottled look as he molts into adulthood. Even his bill is mottled as it is changing over.

Thanks Kathy for the sharing the above photos today! And watch in the comments below for more from Kathy perhaps.

I found a snail at the edge of a puddle in a creek. When I brought it home to get a closer look I found it crawling up the side of the container. Apparently some aqua snails have gills and lungs so they can be out of the water.

I released the snail in a shallow dish. And wasn’t it just the cutest with it little eyes on the ends of the tentacles! It eats algae so I thought the dish might be a good home. However someone apparently thought escargot made a good meal. It was gone when I went to check on it the following day.

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Keep looking!

The more you know, the more you see and the more you see, the more you know


  1. Nice photo of the cuckoo Kathy. I love cuckoos, especially their call. I hear one here occasionally but haven’t seen it. They’re so elusive.

  2. I love their calls too. And they have a few other strange sounds. Sorry for the poor quality. I was taking the photo through a double pane window at an angle with the sun shining and making a glare. But at least I got it. They love to hide in the leaves so it took awhile to get one of them. Mary, the painted bunting was coming to that puddle for a drink. The black plastic thing is a waterfall extension that goes with preformed ponds that I thought made a great puddle and the wildlife agrees. Lots of bird and the occasional fox.

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