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We continued on along the creek. It was thick with the horsetails, tall grasses and fallen trees.

The Inland Sea Oats (Chasmanthium latifolium) were plentiful!
The beavers apparently had stuck around even though there wasn’t much water.

The beavers had gnawed the bark on this downed tree.
So there was one deep pool left behind a dam. You can see a beaver hole in the bank.

The eyes laid to the side of a half eaten cicada (Neotibicen). So I wished I had collected this specimen. Because now I wondering if it might be Linne’s Annual Cicada (Neotibicen linnei). The markings kinda match. But it seems to be out of its range. However one was observed near Norman, OK (INat). Its normal range is the east. Of course its true identity may remain a mystery.
Indeed the poison ivy was loaded with berries. I am certain the critters will like that. Birds and deer both eat the berries!
The Stickseed or Sticktight (Hackelia virginiana) was a new plant for us. 🙂 It is in the Boraginaceae family (forget-me-not). There are apparently just a few counties in Texas that have it. Now aren’t we lucky! We got it too!
The strange part about the above plant is that in the second year it looks like this. It sports a very lanky look.
A view of a branch of the fruit.
In fact the burs really wanted to stick to us. But what an interesting bur! The flowers apparently are whitish and small. I will try to catch it blooming next year!
On the first year’s growth quite a few exuviae were found.

And in fact a couple of leafhopper (Cicadellidae) nymphs were found as well!

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Why are researchers vacuuming up animal DNA in the forest?

Cool down with the slick science of sweat

Keep looking!

The more you know, the more you see and the more you see, the more you know


  1. A new plant is very lucky – guess we’ll be back to collect next year! But maybe earlier so we don’t have to exercise all those sweat glands as much!

    1. Ha ha! Yes on the sweat glands. Also folks that read Jeanne ‘s comment above… Note that I do have permission to collect. I always get permission wherever I collect. It is illegal to collect on the National Grasslands without permission.

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