A Shirley flower

We were seeing so many butterflies around the pond. And the bumble bees were abundant too! However other treasures still laid ahead. 🙂

Crawdad parts were seen quite often.
The Water-primrose (Ludwigia peploides) was seen here. No surprise since it likes wet areas.
As we went up the drainage area a surprise was waiting for us. It was the Sharp-wing Monkey-flower (Mimulus alatus)! This is one of Shirley‘s special flowers. The only the one that she had revealed to me was in Cooke County. After doing a quick search on TORCH I found that Bob O’Kennon had collected it in Wise County. On the LBJNG plant list I did find it listed. But this was a first for me on the grasslands and this was a new location!
A side view showing the square and winged stem of this very uncommon plant in Wise County!
Opposite leaves.
The leaf is serrated, petiolate and pedicel sessile to 1/8 inch long.
When documented an unknown plant by photograph try to get all the details. This will include the underside of the leaf.
Awesome plant!

Kathy has a report on the wren on her porch. Look for it in the comments on the post Three. Thanks Kathy.

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Keep looking!

The more you know, the more you see and the more you see, the more you know


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