Cold morning

It was a “cold” morning. Well at least that was what one critter thought. So when I took my morning walk it was cloudy and about 74F. Additionally we were lucky and got .12″ of that wet stuff. If I remember correctly it goes by the name of rain. 😉

This was the place I stopped first. Maybe you can see a couple of bugs on the plant. But maybe not, they are small.
The Bold Jumping spider (Phidippus audax) did not let the cool morning slow it down.

A red ant was quickly moving about with its business as well.

A green Buffalo Treehopper (Ceresini) was its usual active self.

In fact there were two of the green Buffalo Treehoppers. And they finally cooperated to both be in the photo. 🙂
A fuzzy green larva was on the ironweed too. However something had taken a bite out of it.

So when I found this orange Buffalo Treehopper (Ceresini) I thought it was dead. I petted it and it did not move. Furthermore it seemed to be attached to the spot. Never having seen an orange one before I wondered if it had changed from green to orange in death. I would have collected but I neglected to bring a container.
In the afternoon I got a container and hoped it would still be there. Well you never know. Dead things do get moved. To my surprise and delight it was right where I had left it this morning. I got my pocket knife out to unhook it from the stem into my container. Whoa it moved! Then it hopped off into the grass. It was gone! ;-( Apparently it had been too cold for the orange Buffalo Treehopper this morning! So the orange and green hoppers were two different species. As of yet I have not made ID to species.

More rain chances for the next couple days. I hope some of you get some too! And we won’t turn down any that comes our way either.

Mysterious flying creature terrorizing Oklahoma family at night

Keep looking!

The more you know, the more you see and the more you see, the more you know


  1. Thats so funny about the orange hopper. Glad it wasn’t dead. Cicada killers hit our windows sometimes and they sound like a rock hitting the window. Interesting.

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