Happy 4th!

All I had to do was post on yesterday’s blog rain was welcomed. And we got a nice rain 1.05′ last night. No window or car washing or rain dance needed. LOL

So I am finding good number of Monarchs this season. Here was a cat curled up in the J shape getting ready to pupate. However it was a bit tricky getting close for the photo because it choose a Noseburn plant (Tragia). If you brush against one you will get a red welt and a burning sensation for about fifteen minutes. This is caused by the stiff hairs that poke into your skin. Each hair is “tipped with a tiny crystal of calcium oxalate“. Watch out!

Later, on the afternoon walk, I checked on the above cat. Indeed it was successful!

This morning the chrysalis had dew drops on it from last night’s rain.

While collecting Texas Thistle (Cirsium texanum) seeds for Claire’s yard we found a larva nestled in the inflorescence! It appeared to have a cocoon that we disturbed. We actually found several in several different seed heads. Thus a good reason not to cut down plants that have gone to seed. You never know what might be housed there. FYI, no identity guess.

Indeed a very worn Gulf Fritillary!

Happy Fourth of July!

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Keep looking!

The more you know, the more you see and the more you see, the more you know


  1. Monarchs do make a beautiful chrysalis. Unreal looking. And to think what’s gonna come out of it.

  2. Congrats on that rain!!
    We have a Tragia species here, think it is betonicifolia, that is vine like and twines in the grass. We just found out Gary reacts to it. Big red welts that burn and itch for days. You get into this stuff without even realizing it is there.

    1. Tragia is not my friend either. I react similar to Gary – it goes on for days. I guess I’m super sensitive to calcium oxalate.

  3. It’s wonderful to hear you got an inch of rain, Mary! I hope one of those showers pops up over our house soon.

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