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In case you missed it, today (Wednesday, June 21, 2023) was the summer solstice at 9:57 am CDT (in Fort Worth, Texas).

And perhaps we need to invest in a row boat…we got .04″ of rain. If you can still call that rain. LOL

Now on with the walk from Monday morning!

The grasslands has some very lovely ponds. Surprisingly to me many are full.
Up on the dam we found a nice patch of wild plums. Of course we had a snack! And the plums were tasty as they look. πŸ˜‰
The Tick-clover (Desmodium) was covered with the fluff from a nearby Green Milkweed (Asclepias viridis).
Death in the path. It was the feathers of a Painted Bunting. However another creature had a good meal!
A rainbow of flowers reminded me that it is the month to celebrate Pride Month! The Meadow Pink, Partridge Pea, Butterflyweed and Little Bluestem are pictured here.

A grasshopper on thistle!

As you probably know by now that thistles (Cirsium) are a magnet to a lot critters. Including this one the Snowberry Clearwing (Hermaris diffinis), a moth! It can often be mistaken for a bumble bee. However the Snowberry Clearwing will not land on the flower it just hovers. The adults will take nectar from a variety of plants. There is another similar species, the Hummingbird Clearwing (Hemaris thysbe). However, it has white legs.

Stayed tuned, more tomorrow from the grasslands!

Summer solstice: The science behind the longest day of the year

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Keep looking!

The more you know, the more you see and the more you see, the more you know


  1. Oh the plums are beautiful! Made me drool.
    I love the weather station you suggested to me. In a drought everything hundredth of an inch is celebrated. I will sit there and count as the number goes from .01 to .02 to .03 ….
    We just crossed the 14 inch mark for the year. That is half our yearly rainfall. Of course getting all the rain in a 2 month time period and after a year we didn’t even hit the half way mark, we have much to still catch up on. I wouldn’t mind it being spread out too and not 3 inches at a time. I hate watching the top soil go down the rivers.

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