Lost gloves

In my haste yesterday from the wet and cold, I forgot my leather gloves behind. However, I did a quick look before I left yesterday. Nada. Today I decided to go back to hunt for them. So I returned with a gps point from the photo with the Ground Mantis which was the place I thought I might have left them. So even though this would take me on a similar path I knew I would still find new stuff. 😉

Today a Dainty Sulphur sat for me.

A Curly-cup Gumweed (Grindelia ciliata) had a nice white cocoon.

I could see what I think was spider inside. However I resisted and did not tear it open. 🙂
All the Chickenthief or Stickthief (Mentzelia oligosperma) on this barren were almost finished.
So there must have been a lot of the Blue Flax (Linum pratense). Because there certainly was lots of the seed capsules over most of the mesa.

A few of the False Gaura (Oenothera glaucifolia = syn. Stenosiphon linifolius) have bloomed. Indeed I am glad they move this to Oenothera. Moreover now it is not all alone as the only species in the Stenosiphon genus in FNCT. LOL.

A blue and black True Bug nymph caught my eye!
A group of insects had hatched with their operculums (the lids) opened.
Prairie Clover or Showy Prairie Clover (Dalea compacta).
A closeup of the tufted phylaries!

Tiny tiny black ants were swarming off this tiny hopper nymph. At least for now that is my guess. 🙂 It sorta looks like the ant may be getting some food?
Off the top of the barren at the bottom of the hill the Purple Coneflowers (Echinacea angustifolia) were fading. However this guy still had some of its yellow pollen.

Now I bet you are wondering did I find my gloves. No, but I sure enjoyed the morning!

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Keep looking!

The more you know, the more you see and the more you see, the more you know.


  1. So glad you are sharing your plant and animal knowledge with us…..Thank you! I am always learning something new. I wish we had more native plants in the nursery trade…..

  2. Best place I’ve found for natives is on west side of Denton. Havent been in a long time. Hope they’re still there. Love the prairie clover. Sorry bout your gloves.

  3. Gloves? Cold? Was this recent you were having cold enough weather for gloves? We had some very beautiful 60’s last week but nothing cold. I could use that! 90’s with humidity almost matching the temps has been awful. Can’t be outside more than half an hour and have to go in. Really zaps the energy.

    1. Well it was cold for June😉 however I was wearing gloves to be careful for snakes. I was putting my hands down into the bushes.

  4. I’m definitely not an entomologist, but those ants are probably getting honeydew from that nymph. One year we had a colony of Camponotus sp. ants (IDed by an actual ant expert) that farmed a group of scale insects on one of our woody shrubs for the honeydew. It was so interesting.

  5. Ha ha, glad you were wearing gloves if you were doing that. Two other reasons for gloves when reaching into debris or picking up logs – scorpions and spiders.
    Judy, Painted Flower Farm is doing very well. They have provided us consignment plants for our spring sale each year too. I’ve been working with them for a long time, supplying plants and seeds. Last Fall I delivered to them about 20 Horsecrippler Cactus for which they gave me store credit. Don has been wonderful to us and the ladies he has had over the years working on supply have been the best. They carry more and more neat natives all the time.

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