Water hole

Ah, the summer heat has arrived! Many of you may have a favorite water hole to get refreshed. We have a small pond in our back field that will hold water. Certainly it will not last the summer if there is no rain. However we do provide water for the critters at a couple different places in our woods year-round.

A colorful milkweed, the Wand or Green-flowered Milkweed (Asclepias viridiflora).
Bees are hitting the Firewheels (Gaillardia pulchella)!
Many of the Firewheels have lost their petals. Greeneyes (Berlandiera betonicifolia) are in the background.
I counted five other webby places the Painted Lady had been on the Texas Thistle. In fact in each of the spots there were different sized frass to reflect its growth.
Mating Desert Firetails (Telebasis salva)!

The owlfly (Ascalaphidae family) abdomen’s could be mistaken for leaf or branch on the thistle. Indeed sneaky eh.

A Great Horned Owl’s feather was almost transparent.

On the afternoon walk I heard a rustling near the path. Oh my these four juvies were having a great time in the water hole. It was just too cute! Ah it must have felt so good!

Indeed they were not done with cuteness. It was just so fun observing them!

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Keep looking!

The more you know, the more you see and the more you see, the more you know.


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