A Baker’s Dozen and a Friend

I asked the question yesterday, where was the rain? And lo and behold we got .42″ this morning! Pretty great, eh! We needed it.

In addition to the rain a double rainbow this morning!

Do you remember in the Wanted: Dead or not alive post where I said I was kidding about the chainsaw? So I actually decided it wasn’t such a bad idea after all to attack the Scotch Thistle with it. I mean this plant was well over seven foot tall.

The electric chainsaw made quick work of the branches.

It still required the shovel to dig up the roots.
Only one plant needed the chainsaw. The rest we used the loppers and hand pruners.

Then as I was stripping and cutting away the leaves I saw something move. It was just a flicker.

I just caught it flicking its tongue! So it was a young snake with its greenish tail. We tried to guide it away from our work area. But it was not very cooperative. It kept going to another thistle.

Since we didn’t have a snake hook, the shovel would have to do. Look close and you can see the greenish tail.

It cooperated!
Jim released it off in the woods. All ends well for all parties!
Last load from the neighboring field!
We collected 13 (a baker’s dozen) bags! And found a friend of the grasslands (ie the snake).

I will be monitoring this area for more to pop up in the future. In fact, a watchful eye is needed on all the units of the our wonderful grasslands. Hopefully you will be helping to monitor too. So if you see some of these invasive thistles let me know or the Forest Service. Thank you!

Replacing Your Lawn With Wildflowers Has Loads of Benefits

Keep looking!

The more you know, the more you see and the more you see, the more you know.


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