A happy circular cycle

Nature is very circular. I mean the circle of life and all that good stuff right?

The Texas Thistle is doing well this year. Some have even gone to seed.
One of the seeds from the thistle blew a seed over on to its sibling. A spider made its trap (ie web) there too.

In another patch, the Giant Swallowtail and Orange Sulphur stopped in!

The Lateral-lined Sharpshooters (Cuerna costalis) and a small brown spider visited as well. These leafhoppers can be found on many species of plants. Hoppers are so much fun trying to capture a photo of one. Just looking at them can make them disappear to the other side of a stem.

The Two-lined Spittlebug (Prosapia bicincta) was nearby. The color bands are orange sometimes. Actually orange is the color I see most.

A Blister Beetle left its frass behind. In fact, the frass functions as a plant fertilizer and a soil amendment. Enjoy the frass for a healthy soil! You can actually buy insect frass. I didn’t know that and to be honest never ever thought about it. LOL Growingorganic.com has additional info. Maybe this will be helpful to those of you who garden?

A happy circular cycle!

Keep looking!

The more you know, the more you see and the more you see, the more you know.


  1. It sure would take a lot of insect frass to fertilize much. I wonder if any kind of poop would fertilize. Just a thought. Love the leaf hoppers

    1. I had similar thoughts but in one place it was suggested that insect farms might be a potential place that produce the fertilizer/frass. Also it talked about all the microbes and chitin that would be in the frass that could be beneficial to a plant.

  2. Those Carolina Sphinx hornworms left a lot of frass behind in my garden LOL. Nice photo of the sharpshooters – they are cute.

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