Snack Time

I took my walk before lunch and stayed out longer than I thought I would. I was in our field so there was no worries about getting too hungry. 😉 Snacks are always close at hand.

Meadow Pinks (Sabatia campestris) add a splash of color to any prairie!
Have you looked close at one? Five stamens and two pistils. The pistils are twisted together.
A tiny bee visits!

So as the insects gather their pollen, the pistils unwind.
Indeed, this one had been fertilized completely. Good job insects!
Twisted and not, a side by side comparison. Plus these are on the same plant. However, I wondered why the pollinators thought one was more appealing?

A holey one! Was the larva the responsible party? No clue.
Our wild plum patch didn’t produce a lot of the really sweet plums. However, when you are hungry they will do in a pinch. LOL

I was still hungry when I walked passed the blackberry patch. A big juicy blackberry was just waiting for me!
Gone! Our blackberry patch like the plum patch is not loaded this season. But thanks to the plums and blackberries I made it back to the house. LOL

Selecting Plants for Pollinators by Ecoregion

Research Reveals The Creepy Way Greedy Gulls Decide What to Eat

Keep looking!

The more you know, the more you see and the more you see, the more you know.


  1. Yes when they are warm in the sun they taste like pie. That photo so crisp and close makes my tummy growl each time I look at it.

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