Sticking to the trail

On January 26th, we were scouting for a potential First Wednesday outing. Here’s what we saw!

Along side the lake was evidence of the beavers’ work!

Mounts of Weissia moss shone!

Closeup! The Weissia is the stuff with the brown capsules and curly.

A thick patch of thalloid liverwort!

A blue trail marker tree had fallen. This will be well hidden under the greenbriar come spring.

Love how the mosses climb the trees.

Cladonia lichens hold the soil!

The blue trail with a drainage place keeping the trail from eroding as fast.

As far as a future First Wednesday trail, it was pretty muddy for the first part. Our shoes had plenty of mud stuck to them. Other parts were more sandy. Regardless the trails will make for a pleasant walk.

Nature today in the Hill Country by Kathy

Texas Persimmon with crustose lichens!

Three male Lesser Goldfinches and one female.

Mesquite branch with crustose lichen. It looked like Kathy got more ice than here at our house. Thanks for the photos Kathy!

Bigfoot Has a Very Simple Explanation, Scientist Says

Keep looking!

The more you know, the more you see and the more you see, the more you know


    1. Yes I agree. They are so bright that they dress up all the gray. We have a large number of them this year and no Americans and no Siskins. We have Chipping and White crowned Sparrows which we barely had any of last year. Always interesting to see what is and isn’t around.

    1. I bet Houston is even less prepared for ice than here in North Texas. Just glad not many went without power during this event in Wise County.

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