Fall Day

Wasn’t it absolutely gorgeous out today! Did you get to enjoy it? Jeanne and I certainly did. Yep, we were back at the grasslands!

And we headed straight for the ravines! The trees are just beautiful.

At the base of a tree, split-gilled mushrooms. The front center looked like a tongue to me. LOL

No caterpillars munching on the gills.

Certainly would be fun to witness the water running down. The recent rain did leave a puddle. Yeah!

This vireo nest was latched tightly on the cedar twigs. The building contractor (the birds) used all of their favorite materials; grasses, mosses, spider webs, and lichens! White-eyed Vireo parents participate from start to finish in all aspects of rearing the young.

The nestlings would have been very cozy in this neat home!

First set of ribs!

More ribs!

This part of the ravine had several sets of the remains of critters. So we called it bone alley! More tomorrow.

Scientists Revived Ancient ‘Zombie Viruses’ Frozen For Eons in Siberia

Top-flight recovery: the inspiring comeback of the California condor

Keep looking!

The more you know, the more you see and the more you see, the more you know


    1. And we really hope to spot condors at Pinnacles National Park on our trip to California next spring. Fingers crossed!

  1. Oh I just love those ledges and drop offs in the grassland’s ravines. That is so gorgeous. I just want to go there and sit and admire. We have one tiny version in our creek, but nothing like this.

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