Yesterday’s outing

What a wonderful damp day today. And it looks like a similar forecast for the next few days. I do hope it does not interfere with any Thanksgiving (Thankful) Day plans you may have. 🙂

Now for yesterday’s outing photos! Starting off with one of my favorite lichens, the neon yellow-green lichen (Chrysothrix)! Always an eye catcher in the woods.

We had been exploring a mowed path when a nearby ravine pulled us in. The Woodsia Fern was small but always a delightful find!

From the bottom of ravine, I looked up to admire an oak!

The roots in a ravine provided a glimpse in the below ground life of trees.

Here is a bigger view of the conk from yesterday’s post.

Why did this tree do a 90 degrees? Located at the bottom edge of the ravine, we speculated it might be a root that became exposed?

More questions. A boring beetle tunnels in the wood. Why choose a particular path? Hardness of the wood? Some leafminers insects I have read can be told to species just by the type of path they make in the leaf. Perhaps the same for beetles?

A gayfeather (Liatris) reminded me of a wet cat. LOL

Fresh holes in the side of the ravine. Each hole we shined our light in, was shallow. So maybe the holes are just quick overnight motel? Hmmm, questions. 🙂

More to come tomorrow from yesterday’s outing!

The true, dark history of Thanksgiving

In addition, to Thanksgiving there are two other listed by National Today along those lines for the fourth Thursday in November…

National Day of Mourning


Unthanksgiving Day

Safe travels on family or friends gatherings!

Keep looking!

The more you know, the more you see and the more you see, the more you know


  1. Love the tree roots. I cannot bear to think of the atrocities done then and still being done to indigenous people. Good article.

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