The definition of indeterminate has four entries in the Merriam-Webster dictionary:

1: not definitely or precisely determined or fixed or not known in advance

2: having an infinite number of solution

3: being one of the seven undefined mathematical expressions

4: characterized by sequential flowering from the lateral or basal buds to the central or uppermost buds

Meshweaver spiders covers this gayfeather (Liatris mucronata)!

Indeed, the gayfeathers (Liatris mucronata) are getting ready for the monarch migration. Certainly have my fingers crossed for them! I have only seen a couple sail passed us.

The Liatris inflorescences blooms from the top down. This is called a determinate inflorescence. This is opposite of the indeterminate. LOL.

Another Bleeding Flower Moth on the gayfeather!
The moth was holding real still for the photo.

So I believe this fits the first definition. When I had bent down to look at the moth, I was not aware that it was being devoured by the crab spider. Yum! I hope the moth laid its eggs or mated before it became the crab spider’s meal. Did you catch the moth on the first Liatris photo?

Responsible Weed Control program is scheduled for Thursday, September 22 by the Trinity Forks NPSOT chapter via Zoom. See details here.

A dramatic image of a comet being torn apart wins Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2022

There are 20 quadrillion ants on the planet, and they weigh more than all wild mammals and birds combined

Koalas have fingerprints almost identical to ours

Keep looking!

The more you know, the more you see and the more you see, the more you know.


    1. Yes, prairie hyacinths are indeterminate, for one. I see it in tomato plants – bush tomatoes like Roma are determinate; vining tomatoes like Celebrity are indeterminate.

      1. So interesting that the different tomato plants do it differently. And Suzanne, you jogged my memory…you are the one that pointed out the determinate to me awhile back. Thank you!

  1. Love that koalas have fingerprints. Something i would never have thought about. Wonder how much ant population has dropped in past twenty years. And there are no photos prettier than from space. Except maybe some of Marys๐Ÿค—

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