Could you resist?

Just when we thought or had hoped that the cooler weather was here. So we will just be waiting a bit longer, eh.

It is very hard to resist a sunrise photo. 😉 Furthermore, I thought this one was a bit different with the cloud shadows projecting upwards.

Is this not the most beautiful and delicious specimen of a strawberry? Resistance is futile to take a line from Dr Who, Star Trek and Star Wars. Or so I would have thought.

An Ornate Box Turtle came racing across the driveway this morning!

While I photographed him, Jim brought out a treat. How could he resist such a special offering?

Could he keep resisting such a beautiful strawberry?

Squirming to get away!

In fact, I picked him up several times and put him back in front of the strawberry. He had absolutely no interest in that strawberry. Looking back at my photos, he had been recorded here in August 2020 and September 2021. Apparently we offered him a strawberry in 2021 and like this time, no interest. LOL FYI, the ornate box turtles each have unique marking on their carapace (top view). Hence, I always try to remember to take a photo of the top.

He glanced back at me as he sped on to his destination. Resistance was within his power. Maybe a hot date? 🙂

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Keep looking!

The more you know, the more you see and the more you see, the more you know.


  1. Although box turtles (terrapene ornata) are omnivores and can have a sweet tooth for berries – they really like meaty stuff like worms and caterpillars best.

  2. For years i had a friendly turtle that came running when i called her. She ate almost anything. Loved watermelon. Surprised yours didnt at least try the strawberry. Dont give up. Thanks for the pic and videos

    1. When our other box turtle, Tommy, comes around, he is more likely to take some fruit from us. 🙂 Really neato that your turtle came when called. Smart!

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