On the morning walk, we headed straight to the well house (ie Edgar’s abode). He was not home!

He was not on the roof or close by at the snag. At this point we felt we would only be waving to him up in the sky. First however, I decided to set up one of the cameras at a different angle. This was just in case Edgar decided to come back for more home-cooking. Then we continued on the walk.

Here is the new setup. Two angles now, one on each ladder.

As we emerged out of our woods, there sat Edgar and a parent! The power pole is about a hundred feet from the well house.

The parent flew off. Edgar was left behind. Listen carefully and hopeful you can hear the little “woofs” Edgar makes!

This is from yesterday. We found a way to edit the AVI file. Yeah! Pretty magnificent!

Feeding time yesterday! Edgar starts on the right. Keep your eye on him as he switched to the left. Interesting how Edgar puts his beak down the parent’s throat.

Gracie and I looked at vulture feather under Edgar.

Yesterday, Edgar just watches me as I get the SD cards from the cameras.

He was back in the afternoon. Edgar was tuckered from today’s foray, eh!

A giant comet twice the size of Mount Everest is heading for Earth

Keep looking!

The more you know, the more you see and the more you see, the more you know.


  1. Cant say I’ve ever seen baby put its beak down patents throat. Interesting. He’s so young and new looking. Squeaky clean.

  2. Edgar is a star and a great subject. It will be interesting to see how much longer he will continue to come back to the well house. And thanks!

  3. These are awesome videos. Thank you so much for documenting Edgar. He is going to be missed by many when he finally flies the coop for good.

    1. I will miss him for sure, but then I can’t get back to other fun stuff. Always something new to see, eh!

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