Lookin’ out my back door

Do you remember the song by CCR “Lookin’ out My Back Door”? Some thought it referred to drugs, but in interviews, John Fogerty said it was for his three year old son. Of course none of that is referring to what I see out my back door. LOL.

Yesterday, these Mint-loving Pyrausta (Pyrausta acrionalis) were mating just outside the door.

Today, the Thin-lined Owlet (Isogona tenuis) took the above moths’ place. Normally, I see this species in the leaf litter in our woods.

At the threshold, a grasshopper was munching on a dead leaf. I actually could hear it!

Katydid! How to tell the difference between a katydid and a grasshopper? Katydids have very long antennas!

At the corner of the door frame, a young Garden Spider/Banana Spider (Argiope aurantia) took up residence!

The cardinal is still banging its head at all the windows! However, it is not as persistent as earlier in the spring.

A Roadside Skipper (Amblyscirtes) decided to come in the house a few days ago. Unsurprisingly, there are multiple grass skippers that are at risk.

A frequent visitor to our back door and sometimes sneaks inside too! Why it comes to the door is anyone’s guess since they are herbivorous.

So who do you have at your back door?

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Keep looking!

The more you know, the more you see and the more you see, the more you know.


  1. Cant imagine a grasshopper eating a dead leaf. My cutest back door visitor is a cardinal sneaking cats dry food. Bold. Glad it isn’t hitting the windows. Stick bugs (or whatever they’re called) are cool.

    1. Yeah, it was weird. But it was weird the year when we had huge swarms and they ate our Xmas pine trees.

    1. Our habitat has changed around the house and we don’t see racerunners types anymore. Now we got Spiny Lizards out on the casaport. Never seen one right at the back door.

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