Indeed, what a wonderful soggy day! We ended up with a mere 1.85″ at our place! Of course, that was great! However, Jeanne’s Fossil Hill got a whopping 4″! Whatever amount you got (and I hope you got some) was much needed, eh!

In fact, the soil was just too soggy to hold up this old snag another day.

So the clouds came and went. Mostly they were here more than not. Loved the rain!

Judy got this cool cloud photo! Judy said it looks like it was sitting on a glass table. I agree! Thanks Judy!

While sitting eating breakfast this morning, I watched the mockingbird parents building on their nest. Both were actively building it. Then a female cowbird came to watch. I think she was looking for a future boarding school for her babies. Mockers seemed to tell it to move on.

A Toothpick Grasshopper nymph caught a ride on Gracie!

One of my favorite flowers, Greeneyes (Berlandiera betonicifolia)! It can bloom all summer if it gets enough rain. Some call this plant the Chocolate Flower, however I can not smell it. Hope you can! There are three species in that genus in the Flora of North Central Texas.

It has a beautiful hairy soft stem!

The Rainbow Scarabs (Phanaeus) were busy this afternnon!

This one pulled a piece of poop down the hole!

So I thought it would plug the hole…
Instead, the beetle dragged it down the hole. The spider just hung there above the scarab’s hole!

Finally, another guest photographer! Claire shared this photo with me of the Mint Moth (Pyrausta) caterpillar on her Salvia farinacea. Thanks Claire for getting the great closeups for me!

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Keep looking!

The more you know, the more you see and the more you see, the more you know.


  1. Its hard for me to like grasshoppers very much but some sure are pretty. As the one in your blog. Pretty mint moth cat too. And i have to brag on Claire for getting a high award at OU today.

  2. Judy 💙 thank you!!
    I hope my greeneyes blooms soon too or at least next year! It’s about a foot tall.
    I’m glad I was able to get a mint cat picture finally! Right when I wasn’t search.

  3. Yes, Claire congratulations on receiving the Thomas & Catherine Luccock Library Award of Excellence! OU is lucky to have you! And so happy that you got recognized for your contributions at the library!

    Not all of my greeneyes are fully blooming either and a lot are still short like yours. It is still early and you are further north. I bet it will bloom!

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