Following Cyndee’s recollections

Cyndee gave me suggestions where she had seen Baptisia before on the horse trails. So today, we went looking for them on one of the trails.

Prepping for the hike!

Barely making our way down the trail, lichens and mosses were found!

Jeanne was busy examining them!

Did you spot the three-toed box turtle watching us in the above photo>?

Then we started to see fungi! This was a cool fungus!

Mushrooms that had grown together! I know this because there were two stems.

Small but beautiful brown with whitish edged mushrooms!

Eight millimeter high!

The orange group!

The shiny group!

Orange on orange!

Bright and beautiful!
Purple-y! Is that a word? Well, it was that anyhow, LOL.

Final mushroom! A yellow beauty! It was a most colorful fungi day!

We did do our mission today. On our five miles, five hours hike, we managed to locate several hundred plants of Cream Wild Indigo (Baptisia bracteata). Another successful day with many great treasures! And thanks Cyndee!

Keep looking!

The more you know, the more you see and the more you see, the more you know.


  1. What a wonderful variety of fungi. I’ve never seen and red and yellow ones. And of course the box turtle is a beauty too.

  2. Did the turtle sneak up on y’all?
    Did you find any elfins on the bracteata? That’s the species I know here in central Oklahoma.

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