X marks the spot

Feels like spring has arrived with all the new life popping up!

At sunrise this morning, X marked the spot LOL! I took it as a sign that the day was going to present a treasure or two. 🙂

A little green gall laid in the path. It was about three to four millimeters. Most interestingly, it seemed to be attached to the new growth of a leaf.

Another path occupant…the jumping spider! In the Salticidae family there are 63 genera in our area and 5000+ species described worldwide (BugGuide) In the genus of Phidippus, there are 60 species in North America.

A beautiful Rainbow Scarab (Phanaeus) was digging in several hours old Gracie poop.

What a long horn on this one!

As I watched for a few moments, some tiny critters landed on its back.

This is the pile after the Rainbow Scarab had finished a few hours after the above photos!

Seven Carolina Chickadee eggs nestled in a fine bed of grasses and mosses!

I first saw the eggs on April 2th. She was still there today. So babies should be hatching in three or four days I am guessing.

OK Who knew skunks sound like MUPPETS?

Aurora: the science behind one of the most beautiful natural phenomena

Keep looking!

The more you know, the more you see and the more you see, the more you know.


  1. Those skunks are so cute. Never heard them make that noise. Didnt even know they did it. Thats some beetle too.

  2. Love the chickadee. The rainbow scarab is my favorite beetle. I once saw several males (the “horny” ones) courting a single female. Beautiful and fascinating.

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