Smiley face…

Still in the ravine, but not for much longer as another outing was drawing to close.

A tall fairy forest of mosses’ green capsules stretching to the sky!

The mushrooms had started to shriveled up and hopefully their spores had spread.

A short shrub was just covered in lichens! Often I wonder why some trees have lots and another right next to it hardly has a one. Mysteries!

So many lichens! All types had representatives; fruticose, crustose, and foliose!

Lichens, grass, green and brown mosses make for a color clump!

Common Woodsia fern!

Club shaped root, at least from this angle 😉

I did not mean to do this, but it turned out funny. Jeanne looked to be a mythical person from the Illiad or some Greek myth. The person who became a tree or was it the tree that became a person? Hmmm, you decide 😉

A tree that might have been mythical?

Tiny puffball(+/-1 cm).

Ganoderma fungi!

Like the song by Kansas, “Dust in the Wind”, the spores danced off to find a new start!

We left behind this smiley face as we concluded another outing!

Do Birds Have Language?

Secondary Cratering Discovered on Earth: The Wyoming Impact Crater Field

Farmers in Senegal learn to respect a scruffy shrub that gets no respect

Keep looking!

The more you know, the more you see and the more you see, the more you know.


  1. Beautiful earth tones of mosses, lichens, ferns and rocks. The secondary craters article is so interesting!

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