Next leg of Monday’s (Feb 21) outing

Another cold day, however I have used up my hot cocoa mix, so winter must be over LOL. Onward to the next leg of the outing…

Here I admired how the moss and the Lepraria lichen complimented each others colors!

The bark on this oak made it look like a vine had been swallowed up by the tree. However, it is mostly likely a scar healing.

A closer look at the old wound.

An old shelf fungus browns and reds were so pretty. I had leaned it against the base of the tree to highlight its colors.

Do you recognize this? It is very tiny, but it drew my eye with its beautiful rusty colors.

A closer look at the Wasp’s Nest Slime Mold . One of my favorites!

A gray feather!

Marsh Fleabane was in the gully!

Even the winter remains are handsome of the above fleabane.

A very thinned leaved moss!

The thalloid liverwort is preparing to fully developed its archegonia (female sex organ in mosses, liverworts, ferns and most conifers). When it gets mature, it will look like a green umbrella with globose spore packets underneath.

Here is where I will stop today. More tomorrow!

Largest bacterium ever discovered has an unexpectedly complex cell

AI Employed to Better Understand Bird Migration, Flight and Collisions

An Ode to Zooplankton, the Hidden Heroes of the Sea

Keep looking!

The more you know, the more you see and the more you see, the more you know.


    1. I thought that was interesting too about the birds and solar panels. Can’t figure out why they would hit the panels. No dead birds here. But will be watching for sure.

  1. Whoa, the wasp nest slime mold is awesome! And I wish it was that easy to dispatch winter – I’d drink more hot cocoa.

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