Long johns day, eh!

OMG, it is cold today! Hence the long johns for me. Gracie, however, is always prepared with her fur coat LOL. In contrast, today’s post will take you back to our Monday’s outing when it was in the 70’s.

The grasslands pipe gate had colorful crustose lichens. Indeed it was pretty!

This lichen seems to be a kind of hybrid crustose and foliose lichen. The crustose lichen do not have a lower cortex (skin) and the foliose are more leafy-like. In this case you can see the outer lobes are somewhat leafy. Like many things in nature, they do not follow the labels humans like to assign to them. I didn’t collect it, but I know where it is if I change my mind :-). Equally important, I do have permission for collecting.. ALWAYS get permission for any collecting!

Even more!

On the back of a unit sign, the shelf fungus had moved in!

Interesting scat…no clue of what kind however. Poop has many stories to tell. Many scientists has made their careers from fresh to fossilized scat. Did you watch the Secrets in the Scat on PBS?

This is what I call a Flattop puffball (Lycoperdon)!

Silvery thread moss (Bryum argenteum) is truly a standout amongst the greener mosses!

Now a closer look at silvery leaves!

A small Wolf spider scampered by as we examined the mosses. More tomorrow from our warm Monday’s outing!

Monday’s 1.64 inch rain filled our back pond! Today it was partially iced over.

A funnel spider web encrusted with the ice. So if you needed an excuse for a hot cocoa day, today was your day 😉 In brief, stay warm!

The Unsung Heroes Who Ended a Deadly Plague

The reign of the dinosaurs ended in spring

Pterosaur fossil from Scotland is largest Jurassic flier ever found

An asteroid killed dinosaurs in spring—which might explain why mammals survived

Keep looking!

The more you know, the more you see and the more you see, the more you know.


  1. Pattern and colors on gate would make beautiful material. Wonder if the lichens knew how pretty they would look against that color. I think there are more unsung women heroes than any other.

    1. Judy, I agree and people of color too. 🙁 However it is nice that recognition of their contributions are slowly coming to light. Truly amazing people. I so admire them.

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