Not yet to the grotto

First we had to go further away from the grotto in order to get down to the grotto itself. So we were a few hundred feet down stream from the grotto at this point.

The oak’s root laid on top the ground with mosses and rocks on the ravine’s side.

Jeanne was collecting moss and this was her specimen number 270. Cooke County will getting some good records from Dixon.

Looking back towards the grotto from the bottom of the ravine!

A great place for mosses are at the bases of trees. This one also had a Leprapia lichen (mint green stuff) there.

Now that we know the liverwort Fossombronia we are seeing it quite often.

A cicada exuvia got caught in the spider web.

The limestone ledge is a perfect home for this moss!

Slider shell!

A pano view of the ravine we were exploring with the grotto in the distance! And still more treasures to follow!

The slug and the Venus Fly Trap!

Satellite images show biggest methane leaks com from Russia and US

Keep looking!

The more you know, the more you see and the more you see, the more you know.


  1. The slug meal was great. I was about to feel sorry for it and wondered why you made me watch it. I know, every things got to eat. But i didnt want to watch😉

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