Pebble Bee nest

Today, I posted the six cocoon nest on BugGuide and got a quick response. One of the experts, said it might be a Pebble Bee’s nest (Dianthidium). They are in Texas. And it sure looks similar to mine. Additionally another nice surprise was found on the nest.

Here is the same photo I posted yesterday. So I looked closer at it today. It was made of tiny pebbles. Now I want you to try to zoom in on this photo, looking at the upper right edge. Can you see them?

Can you see the black stubbles now? Indeed, I was excited! Did I have a new lichen or fungus?

This example shows an individual and was the largest.

Next to the stalk were these spores.

At 400x, I could see some spores on top of the stalk.

In water at 100X and squished under the cover slip.

Closer still!

At 1000x! There are some lichens called stubble or pin lichens. However, I am still not sure if is a lichen or a fungus. There is a type of lichen that has stalked mazaedia for an apothecia (fruiting body). The spores are not in asci (sack like container) but rather in a powdery mass on top whereas the asci has disintegrated. This could be on of those, but definitely not sure. Further consultation will be required. Thus another mystery for me!

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Keep looking!

The more you know, the more you see and the more you see, the more you know.


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