Early this morning as I let Gracie out, I saw the moon setting. January’s moon is called the Wolf Moon. Other names are Old Moon or Ice Moon by the Farmer’s Almanac. The Chinese’s name for the January moon is Holiday Moon. And this is for the Northern Hemisphere. In the Southern Hemisphere, it goes by Hay Moon, Buck Moon, Thunder Moon or Mead Moon.

First photo, I zoomed to 12x from the back door.

Second photo, I stepped out to the casaport as we call it.

I zoomed closer yet. And by chance the moon was balanced on the broken limb!

Next, moving the camera to a different angle I got this. It reminds of a slime mold fruiting body now LOL!

A Spring Beauty prepares to bloom!

A Buckeye!

What a beauty!

Finally, I have a chemical test. This really is about how the type of paper towel you use makes a difference. The one on the left is what I want…no reaction to the PD flakes. The one on the right had a yellow reaction. This means that the last four or five tests on lichens and liverworts were incorrect. It was the paper towel that was reacting. So I will be re-testing. At least I caught it before I had done a ton. And now I know when I switch brands, I better test first :-).

Keep looking!

The more you know, the more you see and the more you see, the more you know.


  1. The wolf moon was beautiful this morning. Leave it to you to get it on a stick. Love buckeyes. Havent seen any here in awhile. Who would have thought about paper towel reactions. How did you find out?

    1. Last night as we were eating dinner, I could actually see the moon rising at the horizon. I guess it was see-able because it had horizon and some trees to see it. Was cool!

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