Concluding Gracie’s Tuesday outing

Gracie’s Tuesday afternoon is just what she needed. Twasn’t bad for me either.


This Parmotrema foliose lichen did not sport the cilia hairs. Instead it had only the soredia (vegatative propagules).

A crustose lichen that was warty! Most of the bumps are about one millimeter.

Likewise, most of the leafy liverwort I see is usually very small.

Several different lichens, foliose and crustose!

Apothecia of a foliose lichen. The spores are just beneath the brown surface.

This Physcia species’ apothecia (fruiting bodies) is pruinose. It is like a frosty dusting! The prunia can be found on the apothecia and/or the thallus of some lichens.

Wonder what ripped open this puffball? I am sure some spores were happy about that LOL.

Often times on the grasslands, you can find the remains of a well or windmill.

A beautiful collage of colorful lichens!

Close-up of croton!

Do you recognize this leaf? Not sure I would this close.

Now a lot of you will know it…White Avens (Geum canadense)! The leaves are so pretty. However the flower is not very showy. It does attract various insects. It can make a nice evergreen ground cover and it is not grazed by deer. This concludes the Gracie afternoon outing!

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Keep looking!

The more you know, the more you see and the more you see, the more you know.


  1. Happy Gracie!!!
    I have a lot of white avens growing in my backyard. The flower is cute but the seeds do stick a lot to the dog’s and my pants legs haha. so plant out of the way from where you plan to walk.

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